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Earlier I was thinking about the jobs that pharmacists do in England, the country of my residence. They really are nothing more than sales persons, for the most part. Granted, that is a large part of the job, but I would personally love to do many of the things that pharmacists do in other countries. In the United States, for example, pharmacists are heavily involved in immunisation programs and things of that nature.

It’s about time the RPSGB (or GPhC) decides to up the responsibilities of a pharmacist. We don’t spend four years at university to tick boxes and empty big bottles to little ones. Yes, that is an incredibly oversimplified job description, but that is all the public sees us do. Spotting drug interactions, checking prescriptions against patients… it’s assumed that a pharmacist is able to do that in their sleep. They have to, after all.


The Pharmaceutical Guitarist?

By definition, what is a pharmaceutical guitarist? Is it a guitarist who only plays after consuming a large amount of pharmaceuticals?

Or maybe a guitarist who finds that music has an efficacy on par with the strongest legal (or non legal?) pharmaceutical products.