There was a group of third years doing their research project today, and we chose to help them. During that, we talked about the different types of pharmacy, and positions that could be done.

Something one of them said really struck me, and now has me questioning whether or not this is what I want. “In a hospital, sometimes you feel helpless. You might be the only one standing beside a patient who suddenly has a heart attack, and you’re helpless. You can’t do anything, but stand there and wait for the doctors and nurses to come. That’s so challenging”.

That stuck me so hard. Not because I was expecting to be out doing that type of stuff (no way), but because it’s the feeling of being helpless. And just as things always are, we got to experience that first hand later on in the day.

A friend suffers from seizures, and when it happens there’s nothing we can do, aside from trying to verbally reassure him with a ‘are you okay?’. Well, he normally has them, but today it was much worse, and you just sit there. Helpless, and unable to do anything.

I love the stuff I’m studying. But there’s always a time when a person questions their chosen career path, right? It was only yesterday that a friend asked me ‘pharmacy or music’ and I answered music, in a jokey manner. Whilst yes, I would really enjoy music, pharmacy is much more self rewarding, and so helpful to others. I couldn’t drop out.

But maybe. I don’t know. Graduating at 22, what if I went to do medicine? I’d graduate that at 26 or 27, and then be able to work in either field. I’d be ‘useful’ in acute times, not needing to use a bag of drugs.

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