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“Does her daughter take methadone as well?”

Scene: It is a Saturday. The following Monday is a bank holiday, so instead of just suppling Sunday’s methadone dose, we also are supplying Mondays.

Patient: “Can I have a measure so I can split the two doses correctly”

PG: “Of course.” *supplies*

Pre Reg Student: “Did she say she wants to split the two for her daughter? Why, is her daughter taking methadone as well? On the same prescription?”

PG: *heads desk*



Today was quite an amusing day at work, for numerous reasons. The first happened to be a drunk man.

He walked into the pharmacy, slurring in speech and talking to himself. It was a little after 10am so I thought “maybe this man has an illness that causes the slurring self-directed speech”. He sat down and called to the pharmacist asking if we had his medicine. The pharmacist laughed, then informed us that this man was a regular.

He then pulled out a bottle and started drinking. And it stunk. Then he looked like he was about to pass out/fall asleep. The pharmacist had to go down to the storeroom so I stayed up, with the rest of the staff being female… and scared of him. Then he stood up!

Turns out he DID have a medical issue. His gum/teeth were in terrible condition and he needed a pain killer for it. Given that he was pissed out of his head, we weren’t going to give paracetamol. Luckily, the pharmacist came back up at that moment and started talking to him.

No more than a hundred feet away, there was 5 ambulances parked up in the town centre, probably awaiting any call outs. Killing two birds with one stone, we directed him to go to the paramedics, for they would help him more than we could (which is true!)…

Just before he left, though… he slowly walked towards the door frame, then BURST into song, scaring the people who were walking past on the pavement.

So… yes. If asked “did you enjoy work today,” the answer would be yes. For many reasons, both serious and comical. This one fits into comical, though.